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And you will stop leading a dog’s life!

I love traveling! Wherever my owners go, I go with them…

So, if you are like me, I would like to tell you about a wonderful « thing » created in Troyes in 2007 : the « Office du Toutourisme ».

But what the hell is the « Office du Toutourisme » ? Actually, it is a whole concept in favour of welcoming and giving information to pet owners in a city. A « toutou » being a « doggie » in French.

Basically, if you come to Troyes La Champagne Tourism with your four-legged friend, he will be invited to quench his thirst at the « Toutoubar » and will receive very nice gifts: a treat (for dogs of course!), a dog poo bag, a magazine « 30 millions d’amis » (for owners of course!) and a practical guidebook listing all the places where you will be the most welcome!

© Sandrine Maerten

For the best dog-holidays!

At the time when I am writing this article, other French cities offer this concept (Gap, Istres, the Lac du Der, …) And more are expected…

Head and feature photo: Dog – Bubbles© Zinz25

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