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Factory outlet stores are grouped together in commercial areas called outlet centres. The first one is located in the North-East of Troyes, in Pont-Sainte-Marie, and the second is Saint-Julien-les-Villas, in the South-East of Troyes.

Factory outlet stores in Pont-Sainte-Marie

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5 km North-East from Troyes, there are three outlet centres in Pont-Sainte-Marie, built next to eachother. They are « Marques City », « Mc Arthur Glen Troyes » and « Village de Marques 

Marques City

Marques City was the first outlet centre created in Troyes. It is spread over a surface of 15 000 square metres and its outlet stores are set up in several independent buildings. It has 30 destocking shops, some of which sell different brands. There, you can find about a hundred of clothing and fashion accessories brands. It mainly displays a urban fashion style, rather sporty and casual with a wide range of jeans. This centre can also make young parents happy as they can find good childcare products.   

Mc Arthur Glen Troyes

Mc Arthur Glen offers a different concept as it is built in the shape of an open-air village with an architecture inspired from the style of the half-timbered houses of the city centre of Troyes.    This outlet centre is spread over 30 000 square metres and has 100 shops, each dedicated to one specific brand. There, you can find a lot of luxury clothing brands, premium fashion brands with a wide range of international brands.

Village de Marques

« Village de Marques », located not far from « Mc Arthur Glen », also takes the shape of a village, but with a more modern designed architectural concept. Its sales area is spread over 3000 square metres with 13 shops built around a square. In the centre, a children playground made by Nigloland is a real advantage for families with children. You can also enjoy an Italian food place with a pizza and pasta bar.

The factory outlet stores in Saint-Julien-les-Villas

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The factory outlet centre « Marque Avenue Troyes » is located 3 km in the South-East of Troyes. This fully covered outlet centre is set up in an authentic textile factory which has been rehabilitated.

Marque Avenue Troyes

The 50 shops of « Marque Avenue Troyes » are spread over two levels in an elegant brick building. Its glass roof supported by an exposed metal structure provide the comfort of a great natural light combined with beautiful red and white artificial lights. In winter, it is possible to stay warm and dry while shopping in this centre. 

These outlet stores offer clothing for men, women and kids as well as lingerie and household items. A second annex building called the « junior building » has 5 additional shops, especially dedicated to children’s fashion. There, you can also find a childcare service and a children playground so you can go and fully enjoy your shopping day in Troyes. A few shops around there (as Lacoste or Adidas – which are also at McArthur Glen) perfectly complete this offer.