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Going onholidays is super-duper, but it is even better in an eco-friendly way!

My citizenfriends make amazing efforts all year long regarding recycling, sorting waste,being an eco-citizen and choosing green transports. They have to keep goingwhile on holidays!

To live successful eco-friendly holidays, visitors have to be careful and be responsible about every daily action they take, even with my fellow dogs. To make it short, here is a small summary of the best tips to follow. Read it with an eagle eye! (eagle too are my friends).

I promise you, sorting and recycling is not any more complicated away from home. The holidays are the perfect period to use slower and greener transports (bike, walk…) et take the time to rethink your consumption habits.

In a few words, you should not spend your summer forgetting about your good ecological and responsible habits (nor my four-legged friends should actually), quite on the contrary. This is the ideal time to remember all the eco-citizen solutions and appreciate holidays while being respectful of the environment above all.

Tricks for ecofriendly holidays

Therefore Iwill tell you the secret of a few simple actions you can take foreco-friendly holidays:

  1. A goldenrule to enjoyyour holidays and consider the environment: respect local fauna and flora
  2. Keep tworeusable bags in the trunk of your car for shopping, picnics and to avoid usingplastic bags, very polluting for nature and dangerous for animal (thank you forthinking about us too).
  3. Threegentle means of transport: cycling, walking or skateboarding for the most talented.
  4. Four waysto consume local: going to nearby shops, local markets, at the tables d’hôtesaround your holiday base or going on eco-tourist holidays at the locals’ home.
  5. Take fiveminutes a day to rethink your consumption habits, your transports and life stylethrough the year in the city or in rural areas and consider good eco-friendlyhabits to adopt all the time (sorting more waste, prioritizing walking andcycling, buying local, reducing the carbon impact of your activities…)

Let me tell you that eco-friendly holidays are within « paws » reach and for all pockets! This is the way to reduce ecological impact of tourism and let the planet breath, even during the summer.

Head and feature photo: Dogs © Pexels