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Hunting, the partner of Biodiversity

The Departmental Hunting Management Scheme is the central tool via which the Aube Departmental Hunters’ Federation organises hunting activities.
It is the mouthpiece that gives the Federation the political and technical means to convey a modern vision of its activities.
The role of the Aube Departmental Hunters’ Federation has changed over time and become that of a “veritable environmental expert”, contributing to preserving and developing biodiversity.
In adopting a new objectives document for a period of 6 years in which the major challenges are clearly identified, the Aube Departmental Hunters’ Federation is assuming its role perfectly, via the objectives and actions it has set for itself.

The essential role of the hunter as a regulator of nature is confirmed by the fact that it is :

  • Renewing tried and tested management tools whilst also modernising them, to improve performance regardless of the species and environment;
  • Developing educational campaigns associated with ecosystems;
  •  Sharing and encouraging people to respect nature;
  • Communicating with the broadest section possible of the general public to highlight the major contribution made by hunters towards biodiversity.
  •  Launching studies and apply for funding from partners to contribute to the preservation and development of biodiversity.

 I therefore encourage every hunter and hunting enthusiast to consult this model as often as necessary and to use it to reassure hunters that they are regulators, to affirm this role in order to confirm the environmental, cultural, social, and economic dimension of hunting.

Claude Mercuzot
Président of FDC10

site regulation link FDC 10 : https://www.fdc10.org/reglementation-chasse-aube/