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The department of Aube boasts thousands of hectares of unspoiled countryside and plays host to intense hunting activity.
From plains to wetlands via forests, every type of French hunting is practised in our department.
Aube hunters can therefore indulge in their favourite pastime to their hearts’ content.

Hunting in Aube in figures :

  • 11,000 Hunters
  • 2,000 Associations
  • 15 people employed by the Aube Hunters’ Federation (FDC) / 15 Administrators
  • The FDC 10 is certified as operating with respect for nature
  • The FDC 10 is approved by the French Academy for Environmental and Sustainable Development Education
  • Hunting in France is a business worth €3.6 billion in turnover
  • €2.1 billion in added value for the national economy (GDP)