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Fishing in Troyes!

Visitors will undoubtedly be struck by the sight of fishermen sitting on a folding chair, in the shade of a parasol when the sun’s beating down, a fishing rod in hand, tempting the gudgeon in the streets of Troyes – right in the heart of town!
The explanation is simple: the town of Troyes is built in a network of water, a web of arms of the Seine and rivers, streams and rivulets, canals and branches, dykes and spillways, outlets and and culverts.
The river and its offshoots crisscross the urban area of Troyes for about 13 kilometres. So fish are perfectly at home, not just the gudgeon mentioned above, but pike, perch, pikeperch, carp and other members of the Cyprinidae family.
The Bassin de la Prefecture, the name of the vast lake situated upstream from the town centre, is the preferred meeting place for anglers who resemble seaman when the spray is swept by the wind to whip their faces.

The Aube Fishing Federation 

The Aube Fishing and Water Protection Federation, founded in 1904, is a charitable association constituted in accordance with the provisions of the French Law of 1 July 1901.
Legally mandated with a duty in the public interest, the Federation is classified as an establishment of public utility and is certified for the protection of nature and the environment.

Aube Fishing and Water Protection Federation – 89 rue de la Paix – 10000 TROYES
public opening hours :  8h30 – 12h  13h30 – 16h45
Phone : – E-mail : – Website :

It is responsible for :

  • Protecting aquatic environments, promoting them and monitoring the fishing spots in Aube;
  • Supporting and reuniting the 32 certified fishing and water protection associations (AAPPMA) in the department;
  • Giving its opinion to interested authorities on any development of aquatic environments;
  • Carrying out campaigns to promote fishing as a leisure activity and to inform and educate people on protecting aquatic environments and fish stocks by performing all necessary work and interventions to promote the latter.

All About the Aube Fishing Federation

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Génération pêche

“Génération Pêche” (Fishing Generation) is the fishing newsletter presented by the French National Fishing and Water Protection Federation.

For this 4th edition, Emmanuelle takes you to the Aube to discover the lakes of the Orient Forest.

Predatory fish and carp fishing await you in this new edition!

Certified fishing associations(AAPPMA)

Consulte the list of AAPPMA the Aube Fishing Federation

A.A.P.P.M.A Association Agréée de Pêche et de Protection des Milieux Aquatiques (Certified Fishing and Water Protection Association)

Fishing regulations in Aube

What are the conditions for fishing ?

Anyone wanting to fish in open water must obtain a fishing card from a Certified Fishing and Water Protection Association (AAPPMA).

This card entitles the holder to membership of the AAPPMA in question and allows them to obtain the CMPA stamp (Fishing and Water Protection Subscription, which are the two main obligations in order to be able to fish.

The final condition that must be met is to have authorisation from the holder of the fishing rights, who may be the owner of the riverbank in question, an AAPPMA or a private fishing company to which an owner has assigned their fishing rights.

Find out all about fishing reulations in Aube


Different fishing cards

Fishing-friendly accomodation

Are you keen to make sure your fishing event is a success?

The Aube Fishing Federation can provide a list of the accommodation certified “fishing-friendly” in Aube.

This certification guarantees that you will find the specific services and reception you need as anglers practising fishing tourism.

View the list

Find accomodation certified as fishing-friendly on the interactive map