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Troyes = Shopping!

The «factory shops» were born in TROYES in the 1960s, to sell off local manufacturers’ ends of lines. At first only open to factory staff, little by little they were opened to the general public.

Let’s remind ourselves of some of Troyes great brands: LACOSTE, DD, BABYGRO, ABSORBA, PETIT BATEAU,GIL, MARINER, VITOS…

Today, the fame of the «Factory Shops» and the know-how of our Department’s manufacturers is second to none. Thousands of visitors from all regions flock to our city to snap up the bargains available: reductions offered vary from30 to 70% and the number of visitors to these shops is estimated as being close to three million each year.

Troyes, international textile and clothing center

The greatest international brands are now represented. They make TROYES a major centre for Textiles and Clothing, and the true Capital for «factory shops» for personal outfitting.

You can thus dress in «chic», «fashion» or «sport» styles according to your needs, with footwear, lingerie and ready to wear available, as well as household linen, etc… in over one hundred shops.

Todos los puntos de venta de fábrica

Todos los puntos de venta de fábrica

Encuentra las mayores marcas internacionales en las fábricas de Troyes. Los puntos de venta de fábrica se crearon en Troyes en los años 60 para vender el final de las series de los fabricantes locales....

Sales and opening hours

Sales and opening hours

(sólo en inglés) …in factory and wholesale outlets. Winter sales: pending dates These outlets were initially reserved for factory employees, before gradually being opened up to the general public. A reminder of some of the...