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Geocaching is a mixture of a high-tech treasure hunt and an orienteering course – and now you can get involved in Troyes !

Armed with a hiking GPS device, criss-cross through the maze of mediaeval alleyways and little-known areas of Troyes, answer the questions and solve the puzzles.
As you will learn, there are multiple treasures to be found – the beauty of the city, the joy of shared experiences and the chance to rediscover the sights and smells of your childhood. This unique experience is open to everyone, offering an unusual and rustic way to discover our city.

It’s a great way for adults and kids alike to relax. You’ll need to sharpen your sense of observation, use your creativity and spot every possible clue that could help you to decrypt the GPS coordinates, solve the puzzles and find the “geocaches” (boxes containing items that you can exchange and a log book).

Then simply leave a comment, place your own object in the box, and put it back again. Once you get back home, you then share your discovery with the community (known as “logging your visit”).

Traditional caches

This is the original cache type consisting of, as a minimum, a container, a log book, and items for trade. The coordinates listed on the traditional cache page provide the geocache’s exact location.

The golden rule is as follows:

“if you take an object from the box, leave something of equal or greater value and write about your find in the logbook”.

  1. Kiosque à Musique
  2. Maison de l’Outil et de la Pensée Ouvrière
  3. Stade de l’Aube
  4. Eglise Saint Nizier
  5. Centre de Marques Troyes Nord
  6. Place Jean Jaurès
  7. Halles de Troyes 
  8. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité ou la Mort
  9. Rachi de Troyes
  10. Musée d’Art Moderne
  11. Eglise de Saint Germain
  12. Mémorial de Buchères
  13. Oxylane Village
  14. Emile Coué
  15. Hôtel du Commandeur
  16. Médiathèque Jacques Chirac
  17. Eglise de Pont Sainte Marie
  18. Le Canal de Nervaux
  19. Campus des Comtes de Champagne
  20. Déversoir de Saint-Julien-les-Villas
  21. Suzanne Bernard
  22. Musée de l’ancienne Malterie de Champagne
  23. Eglise Saint Luc – La Chapelle Saint Luc
  24. Nécropole de Saint Parres aux Tertres
  25. Pagode Bouddhiste
  26. Eglise Saint Bruno
  27. Villa Rothier à Sainte Savine
  28. Eglise de Saint André les Vergers
  29. Vélovoie
  30. Chapelle de Courgerennes
  31. Les Quais de Seine
  32. Site Guy De Bérac
  33. Basilique Saint Urbain
  34. Les Voirloups
  35. Calvaire de la Croix Blanche
  36. Les 5 Colonnes
  37. Le Massacre de Bûchères
  38. Eglise de Saint Léger près Troyes
  39. Ferme rustique
  40. M.A.T (Militaire Association Troyenne)
  41. Pont-Hubert
  42. Croix de chemin d’Argentolle
  43. Magasins d’usines 1
  44. Magasins d’usines 3 
  45. Magasins d’usine 4
  46. Magasins d’usine 5


A multi-cache involves two or more locations. The final location is a physical container.
There are many variations, but most multi-caches have a hint to find the second cache, and the second cache has a hint to the third, and so on.

  1. La Voie Verte des Viennes
  2. Creney près Troyes

Did you know that?
There are more than 1800 caches in the Aube region offered by geocachers, some of which are particularly ingenious, playful, exotic,…