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For me, the champagne cork is: A wonderful coincidence! Seen from the sky, this shape, delimited by ancient fortifications, is the perfect reminder – if need be – of the city’s close link with the wine of the kings and its nearby territory.

My favourite recipe: A good meal, yes, with a good bottle! The department of Aube offers great possibilities to perfect your meal with its 3 appellation wines: Coteau Champenois, Rosé des Riceys or Champagne, the king’s choice to best accompany the products.

My little slice of heaven: Hidden at the foot of the emblematic Sainte Madeleine church, the garden of the Innocents offers a soothing and bucolic spot at the heart of the Tricasse city. This tiny medieval garden is like a parenthesis in the city. Does its serenity come from a sad past history? Indeed, in the Middle Ages, this place was a cemetery for children, which is at the origin of its name. Anyway, today it is a little green treasure at the heart of the city.

Never leave Troyes before: Running the Heritage Marathon! Some would say that it is ambitious, but it is a unique way to explore the territory. An original concept with guided tours that associates the joy of visiting with sport in the most relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Running in small strides and at the same (easy) rhythm than all the other participants over the course of a whole day, you will have many surprises during this tour.

Photo © Audrey Lallemand